My friends are my power!

And I'm theirs!

Appointments Post
Wanna interact with Ven at any time? You've come to the right place! This post is for convenient interaction, be it voice, action, or written. Just be sure to include the date and time in your comments!

five outta seven? not bad
Got comments or concerns regarding my portrayal of Ventus? Leave 'em here. Just be sure to be constructive if you do. I'm much more inclined to someone polite than a rabid flamer.

That being said, I have one very important request: If you're going to crit me? Please don't make said crit solely focused on comparisons between other players.

Comments screened, IP off, anon enabled. Just don't abuse it.
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Spoiler Permissions Post
Two words...?
Birth by Sleep is still a relatively new game, and let's face it, not everyone can beat the game in two months. Because of this, I feel that a permissions post is appropriate. So, without further ado...

What kind of information are you okay with?

Is it okay for Ven to talk about his life in Land of Departure? Maybe the experiences he's had in the Disney Worlds? Are major plot spoilers okay with you, be it in text or icons?

Basically, what I want to know is just how much you'd like Ventus to reveal when interacting with him.

CR post thing
PLACEHOLDER. Extreme construction.

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Eighteenth Shooting Star - voice/action;
There is no darkness in here :c
[He's been staring at his journal for a while, just trying to find the right words. It's... difficult, in part because he's so surprised and also due to sadness.

When Ven speaks into the journal, he tries to hide his disappointment; as a result, he sounds pretty strained.]

Hey, guys. Looks like it's December now, which means Christmas is right around the corner. I heard about a party over the journals, but does anyone else have something fun planned? If it's anything like last year, we'll probably get a ton of snow. A big snowball fight could be fun. Just an idea.

[He sighs. This isn't working...]

Terra's gone. After all this time, I didn't think he'd... [A beat.]

Does anyone wanna hang out? Or do something? I think I need a distraction right now.

[There, at least he's being honest. And with that, he'll probably check up on his housemates (especially Vanitas) and then head out into the village for a bit. He might be wandering a little aimlessly. He'll be just about everywhere before he returns back to the house.

Care to cheer him up? Or antagonize him? Anything goes!]

Seventeenth Shooting Star - voice;
Could you repeat that?
[Ever since Vanitas moved in, Ven's had a lot on his mind. Taking in the same guy who nearly killed a lot of his friends, took over his body, and caused general chaos isn't something most people would even consider.

But Ven's not like other people. He's far too nice for his own good, and what some may consider reckless he views as the 'right' thing-- especially when someone's starving and dehydrated.

So, when he opens the journal, he doesn't look or sound particularly sad-- just a little confused. Something's on his mind, if nothing else.]

Hey, guys. I've got a question... [A beat.]

Let's say you know this guy who's kind of a jerk. What's the best way to help him lighten up a bit and improve his attitude?

[Suddenly, there's another voice chiming in. One some people will probably recognize as Vanitas.]

I hear a lobotomy works wonders.


[What follows is some shuffling, followed by a resounding SQUEAK! Probably from an inflatable hammer.]

[ooc: Italics = Vanitas. Ven's gonna be doing most of the talking, but Vanitas might make some background comments!]

Sixteenth Shooting Star - voice;
My friends are my power!
Backdated to late night on the 12th [Filtered from Vanitas//50% Unhackable]

[He doesn't know what to think right now. This is the third time recently that a friend's fallen victim to Vanitas. Thus, those listening to the journals will note that Ven sounds far angrier than usual. Angry and dead serious.]

I don't know how many of you guys heard Kairi's message, but something's happened to Xion. She's in really bad shape, all thanks to Vanitas.

And she's not the only one. A while back, Axel almost died because of him. Then Sora lost one of his wings, and Naoto got really hurt and lost her gun. He might not remember the χ-blade, but Vanitas is just as dangerous as he's always been.

And it's about time we did something about it.

Vanitas is really powerful, so whatever you do, don't go alone. That's what he'd want you to do. What we oughta do is get a group together. If you're friends with Xion, Naoto, Sora, or you just wanna help, just let me know. Maybe if we team up, we can settle this. [For now.]

And if the rest of you guys see somebody wearing a black and red suit, stay away from him. I don't want anyone else to get hurt, especially my friends.


July 13th, after the battle;

[Sometime after the fight, Ven addresses the journal again, sounding awfully uneasy. This whole situation was exhausting, and for once that bright spirit of his has been dampened a little.]

How're you supposed to stop somebody if they'll keep coming back? Somebody dangerous, who's not even scared of death.

[The actual fight log won't be going up until Saturday, but it'll be backdated to the 13th. Here is the plotting post for more information.]

Fifteenth Shooting Star - voice;
[The draft was rough. A lot of people are still recovering from the emotional and physical strain.

But Ven isn't one to dwell on that for too long, and he figures the people of Luceti could use some positive discussion material. So, here he is.]

I know that everyone here comes from different worlds, but I've been thinking about it for a while, and I was wondering. How many of you guys have been to other worlds before?

Not Luceti. I mean before you came here.

And if you did see other worlds, what were they like? I'd love to hear about 'em! I've been to a lot of worlds, but I'm sure there's still thousands of 'em I've never even heard of.

[He pauses for a minute. Just asking about people who've seen other worlds does leave a lot of people out. Hmmm...]

Oh, and if you haven't, you could always talk about your adventures back home!

Fourteenth Shooting Star - voice/action;
Hey, guys, I've got a few questions for you. It's almost time for the festival, so I just wanna make sure I've got my bases covered.

First of all, what's your favorite ice cream? Any kinda toppings you'd want? I wanna make sure there's something for everyone.

[A beat.]

Also, is there anyone who'd wanna help run the stand? I don't mind handling it by myself, but if there's two or three more people, it'll go way quicker.

[And with that, Ven's going to be out and about, gathering supplies. He'll be hitting up the stores for all kinds of goodies, going back and forth. He doesn't mind stopping to chat, however!]

[ooc: AU info is pretty simple. Ven grew up with his three brothers, has magic and Keyblade powers, attends school, and is a very social and friendly kiddo. I'm up to maintaining his Luceti CR in the AU and any new friendships as well! He's a social kid. Also part of the Rogues.

ETA: Backdated to yesterday.]

Thirteenth Shooting Star - voice;
we just gotta believe!
[It's been a while since Ven's made any entries in his journal, but the kid's life has been pretty busy over the past month.

Fortunately, it's quieting down, and his spirits are high once again. It's the first time in months that he's totally at ease, and it feels great.

So, naturally, he's in a talkative mood.]

Man, has it really been five five months since I got here? It sure doesn't feel like it, but I guess time flies!

[He laughs.]

Anyway, how's everyone doing? I know there was an experiment a few weeks ago, but I missed out on it this time. I dunno if that's good or bad, though. Turning into different creatures'd probably be a little weird, but it looked pretty fun! At least it's pretty harmless compared to the last one, right?

[There was something else, wasn't there? Hmm...]

Oh yeah! I remember reading about the school a while back, but what's it like? The closest thing I had back home was my training, and that's completely different. Me and my friends learned a lot back home, but it's definitely not a classroom.

Twelfth Shooting Star - voice; backdated to earlier in the day
craaaawling in my skin
MAJOR BBS spoilersCollapse )

[ooc: Takes place after the second thread in the log. Ven won't respond, but feel free to reply to one another, threadhop, and so on. I don't mind.

The actual thread hasn't progressed this far, but people are free to jump in during the open threads at any time. The whole thing will probably end up backdated because of all the players involved. ]

Eleventh Shooting Star - voice;
[In spite of recent happenings, Ven starts out his message sounding quite pleased with himself. Maybe even a little excited. However, those watching his entry may notice that his smile comes across as rather forced, as does his enthusiasm.]

There sure are a lot of new people this cycle! I know a lot of people have already said it, but welcome to Luceti! I know it's rough showing up in a new world, but there's a bunch of people here who'd be willing to help you get comfortable, so don't be afraid to ask. I know I'm always up to lending a hand.

And that reminds me... Terra's here! He's still getting used to this place, so if any of you see him around, don't be afraid to talk to him. He's pretty tall, has brown hair, and is kinda serious sometimes, but once you get to know him, he's a great guy. I bet he wouldn't mind making some new friends.

[However, that enthusiasm doesn't last very long. He remembers his last conversation with Xion over the journals, the impending threat he faces, and all that bottled up fear. Although he's trying his best to stay strong, to be brave, Ven knows better to ignore the truth. So, after a moment's pause, he drops the facade and tosses up a quick filter.]

Filtered from Vanitas//40% 100% Unhackable;

... Actually, there's something else I wanted to talk about. Something really important.

Birth by Sleep spoilers under the cut!Collapse )

[ooc: There will be endgame spoilers for BBS in this post. You have been warned.

Also, Vanitas hacked the entry before the filter got bumped. 8)]

Tenth Shooting Star - voice/action;
another dream abou-- wait no
[Ever since Ven returned to the village he's been on-edge... to put it lightly. Between the draft and his encounter with Vanitas, he's not only exhausted, but pretty scared at this point.

That's why, as he's making his way through the village and back towards his house, he's carrying his Keyblade with him and stopping occasionally just to make sure he's not being followed.

Just don't be surprised if he's a bit jumpy; kid's got a lot on his mind.

And when he finally makes it back home...]

[Voice//Filtered 100% from Vanitas]

You know, fighting a real war's nothing like fighting the Unversed. It's way more serious, and people die out there, on both sides... It's dangerous and kinda scary.

[He pauses for a few seconds.]

But I'm glad I could help. Even if what the Malnosso do is wrong, that battle was about more than just them. Plus, it feels good protecting people; it's a better reason to fight than just killing.

[And with that off his chest...]

How's everybody doing right now?

Eighth Shooting Star - voice;
what no way why!?
[He did say he'd do this. That he'd explain everything... but that doesn't make things any less awkward. Before Ven says anything, he just sorta stares down at the journal, trying to figure out how to articulate things.

Welp, if all else fails, improvise!]

Hey. I'm sure a lot of you guys know about Vanitas by now, and most of you probably don't like him. He can be pretty harsh sometimes, and I know he's caused trouble before. The thing is...

[Hoo boy.]

Well, we're really close. We have been for a while now, I just didn't know how to say it before. I know this sounds weird, but he's really not a bad guy once you get to know him. Honest!

So maybe you guys could give him a chance?

[ooc: Forgot to add; since the event made him think it's always been that way, he doesn't remember Vantias almost killing Axel. :( Just getting into a fight... for reason.]

Seventh Shooting Star - voice;
[event] Terra
[Today, people reading the journals might hear an unfamiliar voice-- or familiar, for those few who talked to Terra during his time in Luceti. The tone and inflections are rather different, however.]

You know, with everyone changing, maybe what we need is some name tags. That way, even if you look different, people'd still be able to tell who you are!

I guess it'd be harder for the people who turned into food or objects, but maybe you could ask someone to make one for you. I'm sure they wouldn't mind!

[A pause. ...he should probably clarify one thing, though:]

This is Ven, by the way.

[ooc: Replies will come from earthywinds]

Sixth Shooting Star - voice/action;
I want to go to candy mountain Terra!
[Filtered From Vanitas // 30 100% Unhackable]

I'm sure some of you heard what happened to Axel. He got attacked and almost died.

Well, the person who hurt him's name is Vanitas. He wears a mask and armor all the time, and he can use a Keyblade. If you see him around, be careful; he's really dangerous, and I don't want anyone else to get hurt!


[With that little warning out of the way, he's highly considering closing his journal, but after a moment he adds:]

What do you think it means if someone looks just like you?

Filtered to Aqua // 30% UnhackableCollapse )


[Shortly after he finishes his message, Ven can be found outside, wearing his armor. That's not all, though; rather than travel around on foot, Ven's decided to use the rooftops to his advantage, gliding from roof to roof in order to see if he can spot Vanitas. If you're sleeping, don't mind any thuds that might occur from him making a landing. It's for a good cause!]

Fifth Shooting Star - voice//filtered from Keiichi;
What's with that look?
Hey, if there's anyone here who knows... [Give him a second. He's...trying to figure out how to say the name.]

Uh, Keiichi, could you help me out for a second? I'm supposed to get him a present for the Secret Santa exchange, but I don't know where to start. So, does anyone know what kinda stuff he likes?

4th wall - voice/action;
we just gotta believe!
Wow, is it a new cycle already? I didn't think it'd be this soon! Well, to everybody who just showed up here, welcome to Luceti! Name's Ventus, and I'm sure if you talk to some people around here, they'll tell you everything you need to know about this place. I don't mind answering questions, either!


[Bother or pester him just about anywhere. Ven's dressed in comfy winter clothes and looking to start a snowball fight or something fun with all the newcomers. Yeah, he's a dork.]

Fourth Shooting Star - voice;
What's with that look?
Hey, there's something I've been wondering for a while now. Some people here use words like "kun" and uh... "san" at the end of people's names, but what does it mean? Is it like saying mister or miss? It's something I never heard before I came here, not even in other worlds.

[Hmm. There's something else he's curious about, too. Prior to the draft, people were talking about Christmas, so...]

By the way, isn't Christmas coming up pretty soon? I wonder if Santa's gonna make it here. If he can travel to all the worlds in one night, then I'm sure it's possible, but what if the barrier gets in the way? Has he ever been here before?

Third Shooting Star - voice/action;
Two words...?
So this must be one of those experiments, huh? It sure seems like a lot of weird stuff's going on lately. Is everyone doing okay?

[A beat.]

And what kind of experiment is this, anyway? Some people are acting weird, others are turning into kids, but the guide made it sound like only one thing happens at a time.

[And with his message out of the way, Ventus will be out and about. Why? In part it's because of the snow; it's something he's not entirely used to, after all, but he's also in a rather good mood. Yes, even when there's a crazy experiment going on.

So as he heads out to find a good spot to derp around in the snow, he spontaneously starts singing with a spring in his step. Yes, this includes instrumentation.]

Tell everybody I'm on my way
New friends and new places to see
With blue skies ahead
Yes I'm on my way
And there's nowhere else that I'd rather be

Tell everybody I'm on my way
And I'm lovin' every step I take
With the sun beating down
Yes I'm on my way
And I can't keep this smile off my face

Cut for lyric length!Collapse )

[And at this point he stops and scratches his head. Ven's never really made a habit out of singing; the fact that he just burst into song on his way through the village is just a little embarrassing as a result. On the positive side, he's made it over to the forest's edge, where there's plenty of room to build something in the snow. So, after a bit of sheepish laughter, he puts his journal down and starts building the foundation for some kind of snow fort.]

[ooc: Extremely belated because it took me forever to find a song for this kiddo. Open to voice or action comments! And as a side note, expect him to randomly sing Disney songs when it fits. Ekeke.]

Second Shooting Star - voice/action;
whoaaa, MIDGETS!
You know, this place isn't so bad. Even if it's a prison, at least it's peaceful, and there's a lot of room to explore. Maybe one of these days I'll go check out the forest or the mountains, but right now I'm fine with sticking around the village. Aqua just got here, anyway, and maybe Terra'll show up soon. If he does, we've already got a house set up. Well, sorta. We just moved in, so there's still a lot we could do.

[Briefly, Ventus pauses. The journals are supposed to be for communication, so there's a lot he could talk about, but where to start?

...Well, there is one thing.]

Anyway, I know that you guys come from all kinds of worlds. So what's your world like?


[Later tonight, people passing by might spot Ventus chilling on the roof of House 39. But why is he out so late in the first place?

Given how focused he is on the sky, it should be fairly clear. One of his favorite things to do back home was look at the stars, and given that the threat of Unversed seems next to nonexistent, there's finally a good opportunity to do just that.

Feel free to join him or maybe scold him for not carrying a blanket... or whatever floats your boat! In spite of the chilly weather, he doesn't seem too bothered, at least.]

First Shooting Star - voice/action;
so that's what girls have...
Maybe it's magic... That'd explain all the voices. So maybe if I--

[Flip, flip...]

Hey, can anyone hear me? I heard some voices coming from this journal, so I hope I'm doing this right.

[A beat.]

Anyway, my name's Ventus, and I've got a quick question. Could anyone tell me about this place? It looks like I'm in a forest, but I don't see any people around. Truth is, I'm kinda lost.


[Those in the forest are sure to find this derp wandering around in new feather garb. He stops every once in a while to look around, occasionally scratching his head.

It's odd. While he's used to world travel and even changes brought on by it to a degree, the fact that he showed up in this world without any of his belongings or the Star Shard. His clothes, his armor, and even the Star Shard just up and disappeared, which makes no sense.

So what's he doing? Well, given the way he's aimlessly making his way through the forest, he's either a) really lost, b) looking for something, or c) a combination of both!]

Man, I wonder what happened. Did somebody steal it?

[And what is this "it"? Should anyone encounter Ventus, he might just explain! For now, he'll continue on his way.]

[ooc: Don't forget to hit up my permissions post if you haven't already! The more specific you are, the better.]


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